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When you’re planning a visit to the national parks, you have options. For many, exploring the national parks is a bucket list item or dream come true, so you want to use a touring service that makes it the experience you envision. National Park Express works hard to give you the most time possible in the parks while also offering flexibility and convenience, making this a trip you’ll remember for years to come.


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Consolidated Pickup Locations

Many touring companies have a laundry list of pickup locations—which, at first glance, may seem convenient, but in reality translates to their guests spending valuable time on a bus going from hotel to hotel to pick up other customers. National Park Express offers consolidated pickup locations and multiple pickup vehicles, which means less time on the bus and more time seeing the parks. While other companies have pickup times around 90 minutes, our pickup and drop-off duration is just 25 minutes! With National Park Express, you’ll spend more time doing what you want to do.


No Unnecessary Stops or Upselling

We won’t waste your time early in the morning by trying to upsell other tours or products to you. Many other companies will try to offer walking guides of marked trails or will require multiple check-in processes, but our goal is to get you quickly and safely to the national parks you want to see. With National Park Express, once you’ve booked, you can board the bus directly with your confirmation without needing to check in elsewhere, and we won’t waste your time stopping at kitschy gift shops or other unrelated stops.


woman with hiking stick looking over canyon landscape


Transportation Services

We want to help you explore the national parks whichever way you want to. In addition to our guided tours, we also offer shuttle services—we’ll drop you off and pick you up when it works for you.

WiFi and Charging Stations

Nearly all of our coaches offer free WiFi and electrical outlets, making it easy to charge your devices, browse the internet, and share photos of your trip with friends and family.

Variety of Tour Options

We have “highlights” tours for those who may have limited time and want to see multiple parks in a shorter amount of time. We also have single-park tours for those who want to spend more time enjoying a single national park. Tour with National Park Express and discover everything these inspiring parks have to offer—exactly when and how you want to!

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