Reservations: 1-702-948-4190

Reservations: 1-702-948-4190

Why Choose National Park Express?

Why Choose Us – National Park Express

We are so glad you asked that question!  

Here are some excellent reasons:

·         Our tours offer efficient morning pickup schedules, taking up less time to unite our travelers for the day, and allowing a faster departure out of Las Vegas.  We work hard each morning with several vehicles, allowing us to make the fewest stops for our guests, and then depart directly from the Las Vegas Strip.  Our guests do not have to travel to an off-site location first. 

·         We plan the best tours with the best stops.  We only take you to where you want to go, and don’t make unrelated stops at gift shops or other areas along the way that would waste your valuable time. 

·         Most of our coaches offer free Wifi and charging outlets

·         Our tours are the best use of your time!  We plan departure and arrival times to keep you traveling to where you want to go. 




Here is great example:


Grand Canyon South Rim Tour

1.       Our Grand Canyon South Rim tour is planned to be the most efficient by allowing you approximately 3 hours at the Grand Canyon, while still arriving back in Las Vegas by about 7:30 PM. That means you will still have the evening free in Las Vegas!

2.       We plan for two drivers on your bus, which allows them to be refreshed and energetic, share the driving, and conforming to legal driving hours. 

3.       Our earlier departure from Las Vegas, allows us to enter the National Park earlier, and avoid traffic delays later in the day that slow down the tour.

4.       Our tour will not make extra stops at places like gift shops where other companies’ drivers and guides can make money by bringing them travelers.  Our goal is always to have the best tour, tour route and tour times for our guests.

5.       We included a guided rim walk tour along the canyon rim.

6.       We plan a stop at a scenic view point overlooking Lake Mead.  This is an efficient stop and a beautiful way to see this lake and desert landscape.  We do not take time to stop at the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which overlooks Hoover Dam.  This stop adds about 1 hour extra to the tour, and includes a security checkpoint to enter the Hoover Dam area.  We highly recommend planning a Hoover Dam day tour on another day, which will include not only this stop, but actually getting to see Hoover Dam and the surrounding area.  It is well worth planning another tour to this incredible destination

7.       Route 66!  We will drive along more of Route 66, the historically significant road, known as the “Mother Road” in the U.S. 

8.       You have the option, due to our timing, to upgrade your tour to ride one way on the historic Grand Canyon Railway, and enjoy this nostalgic train ride to add to the enjoyment of your day. (This even includes a Train Robbery by Jesse James or The Sundance Kid on the afternoon train!) You will have the option to upgrade to First Class or Dome Car as well.