Why Bryce Canyon is so Unique?

Bryce Canyon National Park

Every National Park has unique features and distinct beauty that help it qualify for the designation.  Bryce offers a dazzling display of colors and formations that set it apart from any other park, and any place else in the world.

Many visitors plan a trip to Bryce because they have seen beautiful photos of the area.  But once they visit in person, they realize that photos simply cannot capture the full experience. 

Canyon Vs. Amphitheater

Bryce is a National Park.  However, technically speaking, it is not a canyon.  Its shape is generally called and amphitheater.  Although it could be argued that the area includes a number of small canyon-like sections.  Bryce is at a fairly high elevation, about 9,000 feet (2,700 meters).  It slopes down the mountain, creating incredible definition and contrast. 

Spectacular Formations

Can you say “hoodoo?”  The layering of sediment and rock took millions of years. It was followed by erosion and frost weathering.  The results have created thousands of rock formations, called hoodoos.   The majority of these are hoodoos, which are like spires that reach toward the sky.  They have been called fairy chimneys, castle spires, nature’s fingers, and many other descriptive phrases.  And the sheer number of them is hard to grasp.  Each one could be studied and appreciated.  There are other distinct formations as well, such as arches, walls and windows.  

Exhilarating Colors

One of the most unique aspects of Bryce Canyon National Park is the contrasting colors.  The iron content in the rock creates striking shades of red, orange, pink and brown. These colors are often set against vividly blue sky, and the green pine trees.  In winter, the pure white snow adds another layer to the picture.  The colors, light, and shadows can change throughout each day, and certainly each season.  Sunrises, sunsets, midday sun, and clouds can all bring their own characteristics to charm even the most novice of photographers. 

Variety of Wildlife

There are about 170 varieties of birds throughout the year the live in or visit Bryce Canyon.  Mule deer, elk, black bears, bobcats, foxes, badgers and porcupines also call the park home.  A number of reptiles also inhabit the area. 

Spectacular Night Skies

One of the best things about Bryce Canyon is night time.  With an amazing combination of higher elevation and remote location, it is one of the darkest skies you can fine for star gazing.  Away from light pollution and air pollution, Bryce allows visitors to explore the wonderous universe from a quiet, serene setting.  The park offers a 7.4 magnitude, making it one of the darkest skies in North America.  There is even a Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival held in June. 

Have You Heard This Story?

Bryce Canyon National Park has an interesting beginning.  story.  100 years ago, a rancher named Reuben Syrett, nicknamed Ruby, established his ranch in Southern Utah.  After arriving in this area, he heard about Bryce Canyon, just a few miles away.  So he went to explore the place.  After arriving in a buggy, he was amazed by the beautiful and whimsical scenery.  Since there was no place for visitors to stay nearby, he built a place to stay so they could enjoy the area.  Read more

Bryce Canyon Will Delight you!

With the combination of formations, colors, night skies, flora and fauna, a unique history, you will certainly find a number of reasons to fall in love with the area.  Bryce Canyon offers a spectacular display of beauty and fun activities.  Come explore the area, and see how it speaks to you.

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