What Will Surprise You in Page Beyond Antelope Canyon?

This will make you want to stay several days in Page! You have certainly heard about, or perhaps visited, the famous Antelope Canyon and breathtaking Horseshoe Bend Overlook in Page, Arizona.  But there are a number of other great experiences waiting for you! It will surprise you see how much there is to do in this desert-lake landscape.

Lake Powell Near Page, Arizona

Incredible Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend have become wildly popular, enticing visitors from around the world to this phenomenal destination.  But do you know what ELSE there is to see and do in Page, Arizona?  It may surprise you!  And you will want to stay longer.

Tower Butte

It looks like a dream.  But to be able to fly up and land on top will make your dreams come true.  Tower Butte is a natural skyscraper made of stone.  Rising 5,000 feet above sea level, Tower Butte is one of nature’s most unique formations. The desert hosts scenic buttes and mesas.  Mesas are wider on top than the height of the sides.  Buttes are taller than they are wide on top.  Both add beauty to the desert landscape of the Southwest United States.  Buttes tend to be more dramatic, due to their shape and height, and Tower Butte is the perfect example.  

The 360-degree panoramic view from high up on top of Tower Butte is unbelievable.  You will enjoy views of Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, the Kaiparowits Plateau, the Grand Staircase, and the Vermilion Cliffs. Helicopter is the only way to reach the top.  You can experience this memorable flight and enjoy approximately 20 minutes on top to take photos and feel like you are on top of the world!  Fly over the Navajo Nation and Lake Powell as you approach Tower Butte. Experience the breathtaking ascent to the top of this stunning natural tower before touching down and disembarking the aircraft.

Slot Canyon Views from Lake Powell

Antelope Canyon Boat Tour

Enjoy a dramatic visual exploration of the world-famous Antelope Canyon on the water, at Lake Powell.  Combine the beauty of Antelope Canyon with the peaceful waters of Lake Powell.  This is an experience not to be missed!  This is a one hour boat tour that will take you along colorful canyon walls and beg you to take pictures along the way.  Tours leave from Antelope Point Marina, not far from Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon.  This is an experience you will want to include while visiting Page, Arizona.

Stay Right on the Water at Lake Powell in a Houseboat

Houseboat Rentals

One of the truly incredible opportunities in Page!  You can rent a houseboat from 50 feet to 75 feet in length. Houseboats come equipped with a water slide, barbeque grill, full kitchen, bedrooms, and more.  What exactly is a houseboat? It is a luxury boat that provides all of the amenities of home while cruising across Lake Mead.  Houseboats are designed to be fuel-efficient and have minimal impact on the environment. You will enjoy the freedom to visit parts of the lake that you choose, and you will have almost private settings from which to enjoy the water, sky, and desert landscape.  This can be an ideal vacation option for smaller groups of perhaps 8, 10, 12 or more people.  You can even choose to add on kayaks or a personal watercraft.  Common rental periods are from 3 days to 7 days, and often between $1,000-$2,000 per day, the total for 6-12 people.  It can be an affordable and wonderful option for smaller groups of family and friends. 

Street of the Little Motels

This is fun!  You can stay in a charming, vintage motel in the “Old Quarter” of Page.  There is a series of small, nostalgic motels along 8th Avenue.  This section of town originally housed the workers that build the nearby Glen Canyon Dam and Rainbow Arch Bridge.  The quaint mid-century motels offer a comfortable and historic step back into the past.  8th Avenue has now been named “Street of the Little Motels” and offers visitors an enjoyable alternative to newer, chain properties.  These little hideaways just ooze character.  The motels are independently owned and operated.  The street is just a couple of blocks off the main street.  It is in close walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores, and the main business section of town. Motel names include Red Rock Motel, Lulu’s Sleep Ezze Motel, Debbie’s Hide A Way Motel, and the Lake Powell Motel.  These motels are an interesting and affordable option for accommodations in the Page area.  

Navajo Village Heritage Center

This is a unique experience to learn about the Navajo culture while visiting the area.  You will walk through authentic Navajo homes and will be taught how they were built and used.  It will be accompanied by local stories.  Enjoy a Native American dance presentation, as well as a rug weaving presentation and other cultural highlights.  You will come away with a better understanding of these local people, along with their traditions and histories. 

Get in a Jeep to Explore the Red Rocks

4×4 & Jeep Tours

Epic Adventure Rides. Experience the thrill of driving on the trails and the Epic views that can only be reached off-road. Explore the Vermilion Cliffs, Lake Powell and Grand Staircase National Monument area like you never thought possible!  Our tours are exclusive and provide you with an individual experience.  You don’t need to worry about a map, where to go, or what time it is, just relax behind the wheel of your UTV and chase your private guide along the best trails and hidden destinations in the area!  You will love the power and comfortable ride in our vehicles as you experience the best Lake Powell activities the area has to offer.  As our VIP guest, you will be provided drinks and snacks and any assistance you may need along the way. Each tour is tailored to your pace and interests which also makes it great for families and photography!  This is your tour and you will be captivated by the ride. Make as many stops and driver changes as you like, and don’t forget to look around! This is a private/exclusive trip just for you, so the pace is yours.  We encourage you to take photos, stop, explore, and take full advantage of the custom experience!

You can also rent a Jeep at Lake Powell Vacations and explore the area on your own.  They also offer boat rentals as well as kayaks, bikes, and other fun options.  

Unique Landscape of the Desert and Lake

On the Water!

Choose a float trip with Wilderness River Adventours-Glen Canyon and enjoy all the sights and stops of Glen Canyon in a half-day tour. It starts with a two-mile tunnel drive, including dinosaur tracks, before boarding the river craft. It continues to Petroglyph Beach and its fascinating artifacts and passes by the steep cliffs above Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River.  Learn stories of the ancestral Puebloan people who lived here. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a stunning motor-coach ride back from Lees Ferry to Page, passing the Vermillion Cliffs.  Or the full-day tour makes more stops and provides more quiet time on the river, with the engine off, floating in serene silence. Experience everything the Colorado River has to offer along majestic Glen Canyon in this full-day outing that’s perfect for people of all ages and abilities. 

Kayak Powell offers guided kayak tours and kayak rentals on Lake Powell and the Colorado River. Explore the deep slot canyons, amazing geology, and local history of Lake Powell. Rent a kayak or canoe and experience the stunning scenery and unique geology of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell! The Lone Rock Canyon Tour is a great choice for visitors who want a lot of variety and convenience. The Antelope Canyon Tour is for more active visitors who want to visit the world-famous canyon from the water and go for a hike in solitude. The Lone Rock Canyon Overnight is another option with an overnight stay, in comfort, and allowing a true getaway in this beautifully peaceful setting.  

Overnight Trip at Lake Powell

Hidden Canyon Kayak offers 3 to 4 hour guided kayak trips including hiking and swimming. This is a great way to sample Lake Powell. Visiting Lone Rock and Lone Rock Canyon. Or you can create your own adventure by simply renting your own kayak and enjoying your freedom on the lake.  Hidden Canyon Kayak offers a variety of trips and rentals for all experience levels. Spend a morning paddling, through the flooded portion of the famous Antelope Canyon. Or visit Labyrinth Canyon or Face Canyon for an unforgettable experience.  

Paddleboarding on the Lake

Lake Powell Paddleboards offers individual paddleboard rentals as well as guided tours for beginner or more advanced paddlers.  Lake Powell is a paddler’s dream. The serene lake and stunning scenery make it the perfect combination.  With the majestic canyon walls and incredible slot canyons, it is unlike anywhere else on earth. From short tours for beginners to all-day boat adventures Lake Powell Paddleboards will take you to some of the world’s most amazing places to SUP (Stand-up Paddle) on Lake Powell. For beginners, choose a 3-mile tour of paddling.  More experienced paddlers can choose a longer 8-mile tour that also includes some hiking. Tours include time for swimming and relaxing in the warm sun. With summer water temperatures in the 80’s, it is a fun way to stay cool while exploring our amazing lake. Another option is an Up-Lake Boat Tour to paddle some of the amazing spots you can’t get to by car. These can include Labyrinth Canyon, Navajo Canyon, and Gunsight Bay.  You can experience some incredible locations that are like nowhere else on Earth.  

Paddle into Masterpieces of Earth, Water, and Sky

Your trip to Page, Arizona, can only be spectacular if you plan to include some of these amazing activities.  There are so many options!  Which ones are the best for you?  

Lake Powell, Like no Other Place on Earth

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