What Are the Top Bryce Canyon Options?

One of the truly unique places on our planet is Bryce Canyon, National Park.  While many parks have beautiful views, no other park has an array of rock formations and colors quite like Bryce Canyon. This remarkable place should be experienced by everyone who visits the western United States.  

The simplest, easiest, and perhaps most efficient way to get to Bryce is to book a Bryce & Zion Day Tour from Las Vegas.  This is a relaxing way to enjoy the scenic drive and get a good glimpse of both national parks.  The 13-hour tour whisks visitors away from Las Vegas hotels to transport them to another place and atmosphere.  The day away offers gorgeous mountain scenery, beautiful canyons, and wonderful colors and shapes.  

Another way to enjoy Bryce is to stay one or more nights at the Ruby’s Inn area, just at the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park.  Ruby’s Inn started decades ago to offer comfortable, affordable accommodations in a perfect location.  It has grown into three properties, all convenient and walkable to the stores and restaurant options.  Travelers can book a shuttle between Las Vegas and Ruby’s Inn/Bryce area, and stay as many nights as they like. This is a great way to plan a custom trip with time for extra activities.  Guests can book activities such as horseback riding, ATV rentals, or mountain bike rentals.

The colors and shadows change in Bryce Canyon quite dramatically throughout the day, according to the sun’s angle and the weather.  It is fun to stay long enough to take in the different look, feel, and atmosphere at different times of the day.  Sunrise and Sunset are very different.  

Another option to enjoy Bryce Canyon is to book a fly/drive combination tour.  It is possible to fly from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon, tour around the park, and then enjoy a luxury coach ride back to Las Vegas, including a drive through Zion National Park.  This is a great way to really do something different, enjoy aerial views of Southern Utah, and still get to experience both parks on the land.  This magnificent tour will surely be one of the most memorable days you can experience. 

It is difficult to choose what time of the year is the best for visiting Bryce Canyon.  During the Summer months, the high elevation keeps it cooler than much of the surrounding area, so it is a good time to visit.  The Winter months can add a dramatic color enhancement by adding snow to the bright red rocks, making a striking and beautiful scene. Spring and Fall are also spectacular with either blooms or Fall colors to add to the natural beauty.  Often visitors will return during a different season, to get to enjoy another aspect of Bryce’s beauty.  Many people say that the season when they were first there was the very best, because of the wonderful sights they could take in, and possible disbelief that it could be any better at another time.  

Bryce Canyon is located about 85 miles (137 km) from Zion National Park, and about 260 miles (418 km) from Las Vegas.  Bryce Canyon National Park’s elevation is 7,664 ft. (2335m).  It is located within the Mountain Time Zone.

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