Top Five Reasons To Visit Antelope Canyon X

You may have heard of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, but have you heard of Antelope Canyon X? It’s a beautiful part of the Canyon where tour guests are taken through slot canyons and two different sections of the Canyon that include areas shaped like an “A” and a “V.” The Canyon features beautiful rock formations, and yes, you can sometimes see the famous light beams. The Canyon gets its name from the X carved in the Navajo Sandstone. This unique shape comes from millions of years of rain and wind. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss. Here are some other reasons why you’ll want to visit Antelope Canyon X. 

1. You’ll Have a Great Tour Guide

You might be wondering, do I have to hike Antelope Canyon X with a tour guide? The answer is yes. To tour any part of Antelope Canyon, you must have a certified Navajo tour guide. Antelope Canyon itself is located on Navajo lands, and it is not part of the United States National Park System. If you book a National Parks Express tour you’ll have a guide. They are incredible and provide amazing customer service. So, you’ll be sure to have an informative tour while being well taken care of.

Antelope Canyon is a very spiritual and important place to the Navajo people, so it’s important to respect the Canyon and your tour guide. The guides are very knowledgeable and they’ll be able to show you all the wonders of the Canyon. So, while it can be fun to adventure on your own, these tours are required, captivating and can teach you more about the rock formations, colors and beauty of the Canyon.

2. See the Amazing Lady in Red 

Have you ever heard of the Lady in Red? This beautiful and unique rock formation can only be seen on the Antelope Canyon X tour. If you look closely, you can make out her body, shoulders, head and beautiful long-flowing black hair. Rock formations, like The Lady in Red and The Sphynx can be found at Antelope Canyon X and set apart this section from others in the area.

3. Two Canyons in One!

When you visit Antelope Canyon X, you will be able to walk through a beautiful section of the slot canyon, exit, and then enter a second section of the canyon.  Each has a unique feel and personality. As you walk through each, you will be amazed at the stunning photo opportunities surrounding you.  Also, Antelope Canyon X combines both A-shaped and V-shaped slot canyon walls, providing a variety of shapes and formations to delight its visitors. 

4. There’s Something for Everyone

There really is something for everyone at Antelope Canyon X, and the tours are recommended for people of all ages. You should be able to walk unassisted and you probably want to be in relatively good shape. You won’t be climbing any ladders, but there are stairs you need to be able to go up and down unassisted. Children are allowed on some of the tours, however, keep in mind that these tours are several miles long. So, you’ll need to make sure everyone in your party can walk and enjoy themselves the whole way.

5. You May Get to See the Famous Light Beams and Capture Photos

Antelope Canyon is famous for the beautiful light beams that you may have seen in photographs. Antelope Canyon X offers the chance to see that the light beams, of course depending on the time of day, season and whether it is cloudy or sunny.   

If you haven’t seen a photo, go look them up. The light beams are created by the sun shining through the rock formations. The beams are a one-of-a-kind experience, and they look especially breathtaking against the beautiful red, orange, gold and brown rock formations. Antelope Canyon X tours just might allow you to capture amazing photos of them to share. 

You won’t regret touring the beautiful Antelope Canyon X. Make sure you bring plenty of water, arrive 30 minutes prior to your tour and note that bags are not allowed. You can bring water, your phone and a camera. It’s also important to know that the tours might be too strenuous for pregnant hikers. So, just be sure to plan accordingly and you’ll have an amazing time!

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