The Quieter Side of the Grand Canyon

cobblestone building with people on patio looking out on grand canyon

The Quieter Side of the Grand Canyon

Only 10% of park visitors get to see this amazing area!

It might be obvious to say that the Grand Canyon is enormous. The expanse of landscape is what helps to create such amazing views. Actually, only a small part of the area is visitable. Most of the Grand Canyon lies within Grand Canyon National Park, and about 90% of the visitors to the park travel to the South Rim area. This is where most of the lodging and facilities are, and have been, for many decades. 

But there is a less-visited, more peaceful section of the Grand Canyon called the North Rim. Many who have visited both the North and the South rims would jump to say they prefer the quieter Northern section. Luckily, National Park Express offers Private Tours to the North Rim

The drive from Las Vegas to either rim takes about the same amount of time—4.5 hours. However, the drives begin in opposite directions. From Las Vegas to the South Rim, drivers will head south through Arizona. From Las Vegas to the North Rim, the route heads north through Southern Utah before dropping back down into Arizona. National Park Express offers a Private Day Tour for the North Rim. 

The South Rim and the North Rims both have amazing views. Each is different and offers its own unique set of colors, formations, and topography. The North Rim, however, is at a higher elevation and has more pine trees and greenery along the rim. It also offers cooler temperatures. In fact, the North Rim is closed during the winter months because the entrance road is at a high elevation and often has snow. 

The Grand Canyon Lodge, North Rim offers some beautiful “National Park” architecture that houses a restaurant, sitting rooms with views, and one of the most magnificent back patios in the world. The lodge offers accommodations in its nearby cabins, along with a gift shop, visitor center, snack shop, restrooms, and other amenities. 

With solitude and serenity as your guiding theme, make plans for the most unforgettable journey to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. It is a gorgeous section of one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth.

You can enjoy a private one-day tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon North Rim for your own small group of family or friends. This is a great way to sit back and relax. You will view some beautiful scenery along the way, such as the Virgin River Gorge, Red Cliffs of St. George and Southern Utah, and meadows of Northern Arizona closer to the park.

Plan your trip to Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim and become one of the elite 10% of park visitors. You will cherish the memories and bring home some amazing photos as souvenirs.  

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