The Best Show in Las Vegas is at the Grand Canyon!

Las Vegas is known for an amazing array of shows. And even before 2020, when the evening shows disappeared, the best Las Vegas show was actually outside the city, just a couple of hours away at the Grand Canyon.

A Grand Canyon sunset is truly an experience that should be included on any traveler’s bucket list. In the perfect combination of land and sky, sunset at the Grand Canyon is breathtaking. The views of the Grand Canyon will vary each day, each hour, and certainly by each season. Colors change. Shadows creep. And sunsets can be beautiful where you might find yourself. But the majestic overlay of a sunset over the Grand Canyon will be something to remember forever.

Visitors to Las Vegas can enjoy a beautiful Grand Canyon Sunset Tour with National Park Express. The tour includes roundtrip transportation from Las Vegas hotels and time to explore and take photos of the Grand Canyon before the sun goes down. But just before sunset, you can settle into your provided camp chair, enjoy some sparkling cider and toast the colors of the ending day.

It is a peaceful and beautiful experience. The vast landscape and changing light will likely affect you and engrave memories into your mind.

The Grand Canyon Tour departs from Las Vegas in the afternoon and brings guests about two and a half hours out of the city to buy ambien Mexico Grand Canyon West. This is the closest section of the Grand Canyon, about half the travel time of visiting the North Rim or the South Rim. This West Rim is part of the Hualapai Reservation, which provides an interesting backdrop and culture to add to the experience. The timing is adjusted throughout the year to adapt to the time of sunset.

Guests will return to Las Vegas early in the evening, still allowing for some activities and exciting nightlife. And although dazzling Las Vegas can offer some of the best entertainment in the world, nothing will replace the beautiful show that Nature will have provided. A Grand Canyon Sunset Tour with National Park Express will survive as a favorite memory for many travelers to the area.

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