Heights & Flights in Las Vegas

Are you ready for your adrenaline close-up?

Paris is the City of Lights, Hollywood is the City of Mights, and Las Vegas is the City of Heights! Often there is a fine line between the fear of heights and the thrill of heights. If not for a bit of the fear, we would not feel the thrill when we reach up into the sky.

Whether your idea of elevated fun in a secure place to enjoy the view or an unbridled flight through the thin air, Las Vegas will get you high in the sky. Here are some of the best choices to lift you up, in the city and the surrounding areas.

Speaking of the City of Lights, Paris Las Vegas has its own Eiffel tower, built using the same plans as the original. The Las Vegas version is a half-scale reproduction, 460 feet above the Strip. You can take the elevator to the top for a magnificent view. There is also a restaurant on the 11th floor of the tower. For more details, visit Paris Las Vegas.

Perched high up on top of Mandalay Bay is Skyfall Lounge. After sliding up the side of the building in a glass elevator, you will enjoy the dramatic view from the 64th floor. Since Mandalay Bay sits at the southern end of the Strip, you will enjoy seeing all the lights laid out before you from this amazing vantage point. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure you can see as much as possible. You can also enjoy the outside patio, which will help to remind you how high you really are. A thrilling experience awaits you high above the city, combining panoramic views, dramatic interiors, creative plates, and artisan cocktails. Enjoy easygoing tunes and eclectic beats. More details may be found at Skyfall Lounge.

Just a little farther north, along Las Vegas Boulevard, is New York New York’s exciting roller coaster which will zip you up to 76 mph while twisting and rolling through the Manhattan skyline. There are some great views if you can catch your breath and remember to look around while racing up to 200 feet and down the 144-foot drop. Prices vary depending on how many times you wish to ride. Visit The Big Apple Coaster for more details.

The tallest building in Las Vegas, which boasts the highest thrill rides in the world, is The Stratosphere, also called The Strat. Enjoy the tallest observation tower in the U.S. with both inside and outside areas. Then climb onto the three exciting rides located above 100 stories! The Big Shot will shoot you straight up at 45 mph until you are 1,081 feet in the air. X-Scream is a giant teeter-totter that will tip you over the side of the tower and is guaranteed to make you scream. Insanity, the Ride is very appropriately named as it invites you to spin 64 feet out over the edge of the tower, with a force of 3 Gs. Your mind may never be the same. Tickets can be purchased for the observation deck only or in combination with one or more rides. For tickets and more information on the tower and rides visit The Strat Skypod. If those rides are not enough, you can literally jump off the top of the Stratosphere on SkyJump. This open-air leap from 800 feet above Las Vegas allows you to fall at 40 MPH before your gradual landing welcomes you.

Would you like to zip line right above the crowds? Then maybe Fly LINQ is just for you. Sit down, strap in and fly over the LINQ Promenade for a fast, fun thrill ride. At the end of the Promenade, you will find the High Roller, allowing you to soar 550 feet above Las Vegas on the world’s tallest observation wheel. The High Roller takes 30 minutes to complete one revolution, offering relaxing and memorable views.

If all of this has not been high enough yet, maybe a helicopter tour over the Strip will be more your speed. Choose a daytime, sunset and or night tour of Las Vegas. This is a perfect way to get a bird’ eye view of all the glitter the city has to offer. It may be the highlight of your entire trip, and something you will always remember. Check out Maverick Helicopters for the perfect option.

To get some heights outdoors in Nature, try one of the most thrilling hikes in the world at Zion National Park. Angel’s Landing offers some very exciting views and includes a chain to hold on to during the last portion of the ascent, as hikers walk up the “spine” of the ridge with spectacular views on both sides. Zion National Park Tours are available from Las Vegas with National Park Express.

If hiking, climbing, and flying are not your thing, but you still want to enjoy some gorgeous and dramatic views from above, consider a Grand Canyon Tour where you can walk along the rim of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, if not many more times!

Have you ever walked on a Glass Bridge? What about over the edge of the Grand Canyon? You can enjoy this breathtaking experience at Grand Canyon West, just 2 ½ hours away from Las Vegas. There are day tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West, a section of the Grand Canyon that is part of the Hualapai Nation and includes a variety of cultural and historical aspects in addition to amazing views along the rim. Join a Grand Canyon Tour to walk on glass over the edge of the Grand Canyon!

So, pack your bags and head to Las Vegas and the surrounding area for a dose of adrenaline!

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