Antelope Canyon has become famous for its incredible photo opportunities.  It is the most beautiful slot canyon in the world.  Antelope Canyon includes several sections, including Upper Antelope Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon, Secret Antelope Canyon and Antelope Canyon X.  A Day Tour from Las Vegas will include a visit to one of these sections of Antelope Canyon.

The slot canyon was formed by many years of flash flooding which caused water to rush through the canyon, eroding the Navajo Sandstone. Erosion has formed the spectacular slot canyon, a type of canyon that is significantly deeper than it is wide. Its curves and hollows vary in size from three to nine feet wide and 164 feet deep, and its truly magnificent structure has made it known as the most spectacular slot canyon in the world. Even the least experienced photographer will be able to capture incredible images on a phone, and even more important, memories that will last a lifetime.

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