A Grand Engagement: Alissa and Zach at the Grand Canyon

Although each of our tours are special here, one trip to the Grand Canyon last winter was extra memorable, since it involved an engagement! Alissa and Zach are currently a very happy couple and planning to be married in October of 2021, and were kind enough to share their story (and beautiful photos from the proposal!) with us.

Zach and Alissa are big musicians and first met in the saxophone studio while studying at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, USA. It wasn’t until they both volunteered with a high school band, however, that they really kicked it off and started dating.

By last year, Zach knew he wanted to be with Alissa for the rest of his life. When Alissa’s family announced their plans for a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon right after Christmas, Zach immediately made a plan to propose to Alissa at the edge of the natural wonder.

The day of the tour arrived, and for Zach, it was anything but smooth. After boarding their tour bus from their hotel, Zach’s heart was beating out of his chest the entire way to Arizona. Because of the heavy snowfall, the bus got stuck in some mud momentarily, and Alissa couldn’t understand why her boyfriend was suddenly so panicked.

Before long, the bus got moving again and dropped off Zach, Alissa, and her family at Bright Angel Lodge near the rim of the canyon. The family began their walk on the pathway to view the beautiful canyon, but the canyon was filled with fog due to the winter weather and they couldn’t see a thing. As they walked along the path, it started to clear up bit by bit, and Zach saw a clearing in the path that seemed like buy ambien cr the best spot. After months of careful planning and making sure that Alissa didn’t suspect a thing, Zach stopped and asked Alissa’s parents to take a picture of the two of them. After the photo was snapped, Zach took Alissa’s hands and proposed with the majestic Grand Canyon behind them. And she said yes!

Here at National Park Express, the best part of what we do is getting to share some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with you. And the only thing that can make those experiences even better is when they’re tied to very, very special occasions.

Congratulations Alissa and Zach! We’re grateful to have played a small part in making your beautiful proposal possible, and wish you the best in the future. We’re also excited to welcome you back in the future with a complimentary tour for two.

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