7 Top National Park Activities

When it comes to a need for adventure, you can have confidence in knowing that a trip to one of our country’s national parks is the perfect way to satisfy your wanderlust. But what do you do once you’ve arrived? Take a look at some of our all-time favorite park activities to include in your agenda for your next trip to a national park!

1. Hiking

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Most, if not all, of our nation’s national parks are well known for their hiking trails and opportunities for adventure. Time permitting, you should always try and plan out a handful of hikes or book a guided hike for your next national park trip, and take advantage of the incredible experiences and breathtaking views!

2. National Park Camping

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Whether you’re pitching your tent inside the park or at a nearby site, bringing along your camping gear could be the perfect thing to take your trip to the next level. A lot of national park campgrounds fill up early in the day, so if you know you want to go camping, call ahead to reserve a spot!

3. Horseback Riding

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See the sights from a whole new perspective by booking a horseback riding tour. You’re sure to make some long-lasting memories that will prove to be the highlight of your trip, whether you’re in Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, or any other number of national parks. Book ahead of time to ensure that you get the spot you want!

4. National Park Photography

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The natural beauty found in the country’s best national parks is unparalleled, and the perfect place for any aspiring photographer to practice their craft. Whether you’re an expert behind the lens or a newbie learning the tricks of the trade, take advantage of the incredible landscapes provided in one of our many national parks, such as Zion National Park!

5. Book A National Park Express Tour

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Wanting to experience everything without the hassle of planning? Book a national park tour and remove the stress of nailing down the details. Whether it’s simply reserving spots on a shuttle or opting for guided canyoneering or jeep tours, you’re sure to find something that fulfills your need for adventure.

6. Rock Climbing

Source: Climbing Magazine

Many national parks are infamous for exciting rock climbing opportunities! Do a little research ahead of time to see what requirements and restrictions are associated with rock climbing in your destination so that you can come prepared for this unique adventure.

7. Scenic Drives

Source: Utah.com

Admire the beauty around you without breaking a sweat! Many national parks have specific roads or highways that are well known for having spectacular vistas. Drive your own vehicle or book a shuttle to the park to take advantage of the beautiful view.

As you plan out your next national park adventure, be sure to keep these activities in mind! Be mindful of how you are filling up your time so that you can be sure to get the very most out of your experience and make some amazing memories. Happy planning!

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