6 Spring Break Tips for Families

Time to get away! Planning a fun spring break for your family can be exhausting. Make spring break memories that will last a lifetime with these family travel tips that will help you save money, keep your kids on a routine, beat boredom, and more.

Choose a Destination

Where are you going? Take into account not only what kinds of things your family likes to do, but also where the crowds will be and what your budget is to find the best spring break destination for your family. Because it’s spring break, certain places will get very crowded and, as a result, will cost more to visit. Consider doing something outdoorsy away from beaches and large groups of people—Zion National Park tours give your family a chance to experience truly majestic scenery without huge crowds.

Take Advantage of Deals

It can be hard to stick to a budget when going on vacation, so look for deals to offset the cost. Spring break family vacations can get pricey! You know those credit card airline miles you’ve been slowly but surely piling up? It’s their time to shine. Use those or frequent flyer miles if you’re planning to fly somewhere. 

Plan and Make Reservations for Specific Experiences

Brainstorm family spring break ideas and make reservations for experiences ahead of time to make sure that you’re not scrambling for things to do when you get to your destination. Activities like Antelope Canyon tours give your family a chance to be together in a beautiful part of the world and experience nature at its finest. 

Prepare for Weather

As your vacation gets closer, look up the weather forecast. Prepare for what the forecast is saying, and then consider packing some extra gear in case the weather decides to change. No matter what the forecast says, though, it’s a good idea to pack sunscreen, Chapstick, comfortable walking or hiking shoes, and rain gear. Contingency gear might take up some extra, valuable packing space, but it’s invaluable should you actually need it.

Keep Kids on a Routine

As much as possible, try to keep your kids on their normal routines, including nap and eating schedules. Of course, this can be nearly impossible to do when planning specific experiences and sharing Airbnb or hotel rooms, but they—and you—will be much happier (and less grouchy) when sticking to some semblance of a routine. Naps, snacks, and getting to bed on time will prove to help you and your kids enjoy spring break as much as possible.

Have Some Boredom Busters

Kids get bored fairly easily. Beat boredom with games and toys they can plan in the car. Consider bringing coloring books and crayons, dolls or dinosaur figurines, and then don’t underestimate conversation games like I Spy, Would You Rather, and Twenty Questions.

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