3 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love With Antelope Canyon

Named for the herds of antelope that once wandered in the area, Antelope Canyon is a beautiful slot canyon that has come to be an iconic part of Page, Arizona. It sits on Navajo land and is highly protected, but anyone who visits the stunning structure leaves with photographs and memories to last a lifetime. Read on for three reasons why you’ll want to make Antelope Canyon your next vacation spot.

Stunning Structure

Antelope Canyon includes several sections, including Upper Antelope Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon, Secret Antelope Canyon and Canyon X.  The slot canyon was formed by many years of flash flooding which caused water to rush through the canyon, eroding the Navajo Sandstone.

Erosion has formed the spectacular slot canyon, a type of canyon that is significantly deeper than it is wide. Its curves and hollows vary in size from three to nine feet wide and 164 feet deep, and its truly magnificent structure has made it known as one of the most spectacular slot canyons in the world.


Antelope Slot Canyon is located within the Navajo Nation and is maintained by the Navajo people. Should you go to experience one of the Antelope Canyon Navajo tours, your tour guide will be Native American, born and raised on the Navajo Nation. Because of this, chances are you’ll not only leave having experienced the gorgeous canyon but will also have learned a bit about Navajo traditions, culture, and history.

You’ll also be able to hear the Navajo names for the region. The Navajo call the Upper Antelope Canyon Tsé bighánílíní, or “the place where water runs through rocks” and Hazdistazí for the Lower Antelope Canyon, which means “spiral rock arches.” If you’re especially lucky, you may even get to experience the sound of a Navajo flute echoing off the canyon walls.


Where is Antelope Canyon? Antelope Canyon is located near the border of Arizona and Utah, making it just a few hours driving distance—or less—away from many other remarkable landmarks. Not far are Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Lake Powell. Water that flows through Antelope Canyon ends in this magnificent lake.  Even closer is stunning Horseshoe Bend Overlook, with dramatic, sheer cliffs overlooking a U-shape bend in the Colorado River.

You can also experience similar scenery on a boat tour of Lake Powell, or rent kayaks or paddle boards.

Next time you find yourself looking for adventure, put Antelope Canyon at the top of your list. Its world-renowned structure, culture, and location make it an ideal vacation spot for anyone looking to make lasting memories. 

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