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3 National Parks to Add to Your Bucket List This Year

New year, new list of places to explore! For many of us, it can be a challenge going too long without embarking on a fresh new adventure. As you consider your travel plans for the upcoming year, be sure to take a look at some of our favorite, bucket list-worthy national parks to add to your list!

1. Zion National Park


Of the five national parks found within the state of Utah, Zion National Park truly proves to be a hub of adventure and activity. It covers an area of nearly 150,000 acres and was Utah’s first national park, sitting as a truly historic landmark that brings in over 4 million visitors a year. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, camper and adventurer, or a beginner simply looking for some incredible views, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Zion National Park. Book a tour to ensure that you are seeing the best of what Zion National Park has to offer and brave the Walter’s Wiggles trail up to Angel’s Landing, hike up to revel in the beauty of Observation Point, or enjoy any number of other must-experience hikes and trails.

2. Bryce Canyon National Park

Source: My Grand Canyon Park

Bryce Canyon provides a sense of wonder with its various natural amphitheaters, hiking trails, and the most concentrated amount of hoodoos, or unique rock columns, on the earth. The natural beauty truly abounds in this must-see location, and there is certainly no shortage of experiences to have. Set up a tour to bring you to this incredible natural playground. Enjoy the dramatic scenery of the mystical hoodoos and unusual shapes that create the personality of Bryce.  Although it is called a canyon, it is actually a natural amphitheater formation.  Bryce Canyon is a must-see national park and is sure to deliver!

3. The Grand Canyon

Source: Knowable Magazine

Sitting as one of the top national parks in the USA, the Grand Canyon provides beauty, adventure, and a sense of curiosity that is sure to satisfy your wanderlust. Geologists believe this incredible natural wonder started to form about 17 million years ago, and with more than 5 million visitors each year you can have confidence in knowing that this is a must-see destination. With activities ranging from hiking, camping, horseback riding, rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, and much more, there is something to meet everyone’s preferences. Book a tour to simplify your travels and make the most of your day!

Start Your Bucket List

As you look at what destinations you absolutely must visit this year, be sure to consider this national park bucket list. With abounding opportunities for adventure across these three incredible national parks, you’re sure to have an exciting and fulfilling year of new experiences. Happy planning!

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